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Gebrselassie is just flat out amazing.

Posted by on Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

I may be a hurdler and find the races that Xiang and Robles put together unbelievably impressive; however, that in no way means that I can’t be absolutely amazed by what Gebrselassie can do.  Sub 2:04, are you kidding?  Simply running a 1:02 1/2 marathon is scary, but to then negative split and run a 1:01 second half just leaves me without words.  Really, I have no words for this.  Nothing that isn’t completely overshadowed by…sub two oh four?  Wow.  

The negative split must have been because he had a running start already. Yeah, that sounds good?

I once read an article by some sports scientists where they broke down each track & field event and tried to hypothesize what the upper limit of human potential was.  If any of you can find that for me, I’d like to reread it.  No time now for a google search though.  Thanks.

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